Sarah Robertson.


"Sometimes I wonder if the stories you tell begin to tug at your life, begin to change it in some mysterious way.  Not just that you learn from stories, although that can happen too.  But even deeper:  could it be that, by choosing certain stories, you draw to yourself the happenings inside them?  So that your life begins to echo your stories?" -The Shadow Spinner

I am an in-home documentary photographer.  I shoot in the environment where your family is most comfortable, most familiar and most at home-- your home!  Your life, your story, and the tangible details of your 'NOW' are important.  Allow me into your now, leave the details in place (it doesn't need to be perfect-- toys on the floor, dishes in the sink, bedhead and toothless smiles) and allow me to show you the story elements that define your now.  I promise you will see them through a lens of gratitude and rejoice in the story your family is creating.


In-home documentary sessions start at $300.  Contact me for more information... or use the contract form above.