Kliewer family

Recently I wrote this statement on my tumblr:  

How do you take the daily, domestic, workday vortex and invert it into the dome of an everyday cathedral?  Gratitude makes moments into sanctuaries and all of life becomes worship. As it ought to be.

It is probably a regurgitation of some things I have been reading lately and not something I can take full credit for-- but I am certain that it contains truth.  I believe wholeheartedly that my 'job' as a documenter is to show you the moments made into sanctuaries that exist in your life.  CS Lewis talks about the dark places being holy places and the value of things that we learn there. 

I love this family because they 'get' all of that.  They value the probing light that documentary family photos shine into the daily domestic vortex.  They want to see the everyday cathedrals that exist.  I am so thankful that I get to visit and see it with them.  

I have photographed the Kliewers three times in three separate homes.  At the moment they call a 200 square foot trailer home.  They lead such an incredible life of love, service and simplicity.  It is full of everyday cathedrals!  I pray these images continue to make you grateful for the holy dark places and the Light that leads you.


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this thing called now

For several Novembers I have challenged myself to a photo project;  creating an image every day that represents a piece of our 'NOW'.  Over the years there have been changes and constants to our 'now' but documenting it always forces me to see it through a lens of gratitude.  To see this year's project visit my tumblr at http://robertsonfam.tumblr.com

we went to camp

that time we went to camp in upstate new york with grandparents and an aunt and uncle and cousins and I took pictures for one whole day of it-- just because we are currently all healthy and happy.  and because that may not always be true. and because I am (slowly) learning to live life down to the dregs and value every incarnate moment with family.